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There are several strains not on this list because we do many small batches of rare and local strains for customer appreciation. Only the most popular make this list. Our father strains (which are highlighted in purple) are our pride and joy which have received much acclaim!

Gold Packs– WE go through 50 or more strains per year, we feel that these are the best of the best! These strains are packaged in Gold Foil.

Chocolate Hashberry, Purple Caper, Dream Cookies, 4G, Zkittlez Caper, Key Lime Pie, Blackberry Fire, Gelato Zkittlez, Pink Panty “X” F1, Blackberry Zkittlez, Blackberry Cookies, 3x Caper,  Optimus Prima, Grandma’s Batch, Chocolate Cannalope, Truffle Butter, Blue Fire, Alien OG, Cash Berry,  Lemon Poundcake, Strawberry Banana ShortCake, Blue Chocolate, Cookie Lady, Chocolate Tonic, Tonic’s Web, Charlotte’s Cookie, Cookie F2, Zkittlez “X”, Strawberry Banana Zkittlez, Alien Zkittlez, Grape Zkittlez

Runtz Cake A – (Runtz Auto x Cookies Auto) Sweet Cream Candy Flavor. Plants turn Completely purple, and are covered in thick layers of trichomes! Auto’s are  a great choice for the beginner or indoor farmer. These plants are easy to grow, and require little maintenance. Both Parents are Auto’s so the genes are very stable. Very resistant to molds and insects.  The Father is an F2 BX best of 50 and all of the offspring exhibit great F1 Hybrid Vigor! Use 16 plants indoors per light, and yield up to 1-2oz per plant, 1-2lb per light. Outdoors yield up to 2-4oz per plant. 75-90 days from start to finish!

Forum Runtz Cake (Forum Stomper x Runtz Cake A)

Purple Runtz Cake (Purple Kush x Runtz Cake A)

Black Runtz Cake  (Black Cream x Runtz Cake A)

Gold Runtz Cake  (24K x Runtz Cake A)

Grape Runtz Cake  (Double Grape x Runtz Cake A)

Mjolnir Runtz Cake  (Thor’s Hammer x Runtz Cake A)

Lilac Runtz Cake (Lilac Diesel x Runtz Cake Lilac A)

Pineapple Runtz Cake  (Pina x Runtz Cake A)

Red Runtz Cake  (Red Lebanese x Runtz Cake A)

Blackberry Runtz Cake  (Blackberry Kush x Runtz Cake A)

Snow White Father – The White x (White Widow x Pure Las Vegas Indica)  F2 Best Male out of 50. 80% Indica, Huge yielder with growth like a sativa. Very good for indoor and Hydro. Also good outdoors. Easy to trim and sticky with glistening crystals. Pure Indica Father with a White Widow Mother. Has a nice Kush Flavor when Smoked or Vaporized

White Chocolate (Chocolope Cheese (Sativa Phenotype) x Snow White)

Drew (Chocolate Kush x Snow White)

Snow Dream (Blue Dream x Snow White)

White Grapes (Purple Punch x Snow White)

Humboldt Snow (Humboldt x Snow White)

Chocolate Kush Father (Chocolope Cheese x Morroccan Hash Plant) F4 BX Best male out of 50 This father was bred for the Kush lover and enthusiast! This is a True Kush, Indica Dominant. His Mother is a pure Landrace Moroccan Hash Plant, and crossed with the famous Chocolpoe Cheese father. This is a huge yielder of Top Shelf Fire with all the qualities you look for in a Kush with a Chocolaty Twist. These are great in hydro and soil. If you like Kush, try one of these hybrids. All crosses are amazing!

Chocolate Fire (Fire Lady x Chocolate Kush)

 Truffle Butter (Gelato#45 x Chocolate Kush)

Chocolate Zkittlez (Zkittlez x Chocolate Kush)

Purple Chocolate (Purple Punch x Chocolate Kush)

Blue Chocolate (Blue Dream x Chocolate Kush)

Chocolate Chip Cookies (Cookie F2 x Chocolate Kush)

Chocolate Hashberry (Blackberry Kush x Chocolate Kush)

Chocolate Grapes (Purple Punch x Chocolate Kush)

Purple Caper Father (Grandaddy x Diesel) x (White Widow x LV Indica)Best male of 50 this is the future of Medical Cannabis! This is as good as it gets! 60% Indica and 40% Sativa These flowers are mostly green with splashes of purple. The smell is very sweet, unique, and distinct. Once you smell the one of a kind fragrance you will never forget the smell. Amazing yielder and easy to grow indoor or outdoor even for beginners! You will get phenotypes that help alleviate Pain and Depression. Overall an amazing Plant, and the Medicinal effect is legendary! This father is an F4 BX and the offspring all show hybrid Vigor and performance.

#1K PC (#1K x Purple Caper)

Blue Bubble Gum Caper (Blue Cheese Cotton Candy Bubblegum x Purple Caper)

Purple Cookies (Cookie F2 x Purple Caper)

Grand Caper (Grandaddy “X” x Purple Caper)

Fire Lady Father (Fire Lady F1 x Purple Caper F2) Best male of 50. The Fire Lady Pheno is known for its deep purple color, and high THC levels up to 25% This is a F3 BX cut of the Purple Caper. Covered in frost, with an amazing waxy red candle smell. This is Fire. Both the Female and Male are excellent breeders and throw reliable offspring for Indoor Cultivation. Hardy, great for indoor beginners, Can take lots of abuse .

Cookie Lady (Cookie F2 x Fire Lady)

Grape Fire (Purple Punch x Fire Lady)

Cherry Fire (Cherry Pie x Fire Lady)

Black Berry Fire (Black Berry Kush x Fire Lady)

Alien Fire (Alien Technology x Fire Lady)

Blue Fire (Blue Dream x Fire Lady)


Cookie F2 Father – (Cookie x Cookie) This is a local Bay Area Strain. There is several different cuts available here in California. We grew out 6 different cuts and chose the best for Back Crossing to the proven Clone Breeder. This is a cross of the 2 best bay area cookies! From these seeds we selected our male. We used this male to cross back the stable clone mother. This removed the herm trait. We then grew out 50 more and selected the best male for our breeding. This Strain Smells and tastes Amazing. This is the newest hottest thing in Cali going. These have the highest quality finished flowers. Extreme Flavor!

Cookie F2 (Cookie x Cookie)

Birthday Cake (Cherry Pie x Cookie F2)

Grape Cookies (Purple Punch x Cookie F2)

4G (GG4 x Gelato #45 x Cookie F2)

Blue Cookies (GSC “Blue Pheno” x Cookie F2)

Dream Cookies (Blue Dream x Cookie F2)

Cookie OG (OG Kush (BX) x Cookie F2)

Optimus Prima (3 Times Crazy x Cookie F2)

Grandma’s Batch (Candyland x Cookie F2)

Gelato “X” (Gelato #45 x Cookie F2)

Cherry Cake (Cherry AK x Cookie F2)

Banana Cheesecake (Santa Cruz Banana x Cookie F2)

Sherbert “X” (Sherbert x Cookie F2)

Lemon Poundcake (Lemon Tree x Cookie F2)

Blackberry Cookies (Blackberry Kush x Cookie F2)

Strawberry Banana Shortcake (Strawberry Banana x Cookie F2)

Key Lime Pie (Key Lime Pie x Cookie F2)

River Father – (Blue Cheese Cotton Candy Bubblegum) Indica Dominant. This is an amazing plant. Bred for outdoor in harsh mountain climates, hot days and cold nights. Easy to grow and offspring are very consistent. Almost every plant gets 2 pound minimum outdoors. These are very solid plants. Great for beginners, mold resistant, robust plants, with great quality and smooth smoke. Frosty. This is a Legendary outdoor strain here in Cali. This father was selected outdoor on a river in Calaveras County. Best of 50, This pheno was selected for vigorous outdoor growth and great health. These seeds are very successful outdoors with an above average yield of supreme quality flowers.

Blue Cheese Cotton Candy Bubble Gum F2 (BCCCBG x River)

Blue River (Blue Dream x River)

Durban River (Durban Poision x River)

Grand River (Grandaddy x River)

Chocolate Tonic Father – (Cannatonic x Chocolate Kush) High CBD up to 17% and  THC up to 8% Having a full Spectrum these plants also boast low levels of CBN, CBG, and, CBC. This was created to help with Chronic Pain, Seizures or Cancer, and is perfect for making RSO. This plant is a legend in the bay area and has already helped many, also has won the Santa Cruz Cannabis Cup for CBD Top Flower grown in the Sun!

Tonic’s Web (Charolett’s Web x Chocolate Tonic)

Chocolate Harley (Harlequin x Chocolate Tonic)

Chocolate Remedy (Remedy x Chocolate Tonic)

Chocolate AC/DC (AC/DC x Chocolate Tonic)

Omirita Tonic (Omirita RX x Chocolate Tonic)

Canna Chocolate RX (Canna Tsu x Chocolate Tonic)

Purple Tonic (Purple Pineapple x Chocolate Tonic)

OG Kush (“X”) Father – (Fire OG x True OG) We took the best local Pure OG Kush phenotypes in the Bay Area and crossed them to create a supreme breeding father! Best of 50 back-crossed to the best female, then took the best males from that for our breeding father! These have all of the best characteristics of OG amplified! This has amazing Gas and Flavor. Extremely potent regularly testing between 27%-32%. The offspring have amazing vigor and grow best indoors or in the greenhouse. This is a connoisseur flower and an amazing California achievement.

Alien OG (Alien Technology x OG Kush “X”)

Fire OG (Fire OG x OG Kush “X”)

Blue OG (Blue Dream x OG Kush “X”)

Pink Panty “X” F1 (Blackberry Kush x OG Kush “X”)

Grape OG (Purple Punch x OG Kush “X”)

Lemon Tree BX (Lemon Tree x OG Kush “X”)

Grandaddy OG (Grandaddy x OG Kush “X”)

Purple Caper OG (Purple Caper x OG Kush “X”)

GG4 “X” (GG4 x OG Kush “X”)

Chocolate OG (Chocolate Kush x OG Kush “X”)

Zkittlez OG (Zkittlez x OG Kush “X”)

Flo OG (Flo x OG Kush “X”)

Krippy Kush (Florida OG x OG Kush “X”)

Grand Caper Father(Grandaddy x Grand Caper) This is as good as Granddaddy gets. This is a huge producer of sweet purple grape flowers! This is stronger and bigger yielding than the original. We took an amazing Grand Caper (Granddaddy x Purple Caper) male and crossed it with the best local Bay Area Granddaddy clone! These grow fast and yield big! Great commercial producer indoors or out. This is a perfect beginner plant, and a great performer in the garden. These finish in 8 weeks, and are half purple and green. If you let her go 9 weeks the flowers will become completely purple! 1.75 lbs. per 1000w indoors. Best of 50 back-crossed to the best 50 as usual!

Grandaddy “X” (Grandaddy x Grand Caper)

Grand Chocolate (Chocolate Kush x Grand Caper)

Granddaddy Cookies (GSC(F2) x Grand Caper)

Granddaddy Blackberry (Blackberry Kush x Grand Caper)

Purple Punch “X” (Purple Punch x Grand Caper)

Grape Zkittlez Father (Zkittlez x Grandaddy “X”) This is an Epic Fruit Experience, with rainbows of fruity flavors! Grape Zkittlez  makes amazing extracts, and is known for flavor. He was bred from the award winning California Clone only, This is the best breeding Zkittlez, in California.

Forbidden Zkittlez – (Forbidden Fruit x Grape Zkittlez)

Key Lime Zkittlez – (Key Lime Pie x Grape Zkittlez)

Gelato Zkittlez – (Gelato 45 x Grape Zkittlez)

Zkittlez Cake – (Wedding Cake x Grape Zkittlez)

Strawberry Banana Zkittlez – (Strawberry Banana x Grape Zkittlez)

Grape Zkittlez – (Purple Punch x Grape Zkittlez )

Zkittlez “X” – (Zkittlez x  Grape Zkittlez)

Zkittlez Caper – (Purple Caper x Grape Zkittlez)

Tonic’s Web Father – (Charlotte’s Web x Chocolate Tonic) High CBD up to 20% and  THC up to 5% Having a full Spectrum these plants also boast low levels of CBN, CBG, and, CBC. This was created to help with Chronic Pain, Seizures or Cancer, and is perfect for making RSO. These are vigorous F1 Hemp/Medical Cannabis 1 of a kind Hybrids. They grow well indoors, and out, yield very well, and are great for beginners, and home growers looking to provide their own medicine.

Magic Tonic’s Web (Magic Bullet x Tonic’s Web)

Cherry Tonic’s Web (Berry Cherry Wine x Tonic’s Web)

Luxor THCV Father  (Devi x (Kwazulu x Durban Poision) 15%THC 1%THCV Luxor THCV is named after the famous African City known for the Valley of King’s and Queen’s. The worlds elite all come here for the legendary flowers containing THCV. The vapor hit’s you immediately complimenting, and enhancing the typical THC effect. This is great functional, for a nice day or vacation in Luxor! THCV decreases appetite, increases satiety, and up-regulates energy metabolism. THCV also counters the hunger effect that THC can cause This Flower will Not give you the Munchies! These plants grow well, indoors and out, and are perfect for the Rosin Press having almost clear extract. Luxor THCV is a Pure Improved Sativa Genetic. 

Luxors Durban – (Durban Poison x Luxor THCV)

Luxors Durban Bread – ((Lambs Bread x Durban Posion) x Luxor THCV)

Luxors Kwazulu – (Kwazulu x Luxor THCV )

Luxors Devi – (Devi x Luxor THCV)

Luxors Victory – (Victory x Luxor THCV)

There are several Strains not on this list, We do many Small Batches of rare and local strains, for customer appreciation. Only the most popular make this list.

Assorted Chocolates– These come out of the R & D Lab, They can be anything on the list or any local Bay area clone crossed with the Chocolate Kush Father These may be the best plants in your garden Please use the #purplecaper when you find a nice one!

Purple Caper Mixed Packs  These are made for patient appreciation, with the Budget motivated Connoisseur in mind. This is the best way to try multiple genetics and find a great mother! You may get anything on the list as all strains are put into one bag and divided into individual packs, like the lottery! Please name these yourself and let people know that it came from a Purple Caper Seed!

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