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Purple Caper Seeds Launches Official Website

Purple Caper Seeds, the Medical Cannabis seed brand that has been growing indoors and outdoors for over 20 years, have launched their official website Collected from the most prestigious clubs and growers in the area, the best of the best of these seeds are then pollinated with Purple Caper’s best of 50 or better pedigree […]

History of the Purple Caper Strain

The Purple Caper has been growing in California for over 20 years indoors and outdoors. We are known for the best fathers in the Bay Area and Central Valley. There is an abundance of Landrace, Heirloom, and Designer Strains here in California. We collect these from the most prestigious clubs and growers in the area. We […]

Why Purple Caper Seeds Work Better

Reasons that Purple Caper Rx seeds work better There are many reasons but most important is the Fathers Father selection is very important. All fathers are best of 50 of that strain, which is known to be of the best quality genetics Purple Caper Fathers are bred to improve the females’ genetics, so the seeds […]

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